"Life without Jesus is like a donut, because there is a hole in the middle of your heart".

Below, read a testimony about the way a Donut Man concert impacted a young life, 'Kris', who is now in full-time Christian service:

Note: The 'Goliath' to which he refers is the song I perform, "Thump, Thump, Goliath"! Also, Kris' mention of his 'heart that needed filling' is a reference to the way I 'repair' the hole in a donut. Way back, young Kris received an edible 'Gospel object-lesson' from a 'Donut Man" performance that explained quite simply the way Christ fills the spiritual yearning within us all.


Recently I remembered when I was a child seeing someone dress up as Goliath and stomp around stage. When I was about 4 years old my aunt gave me a copy of the Donut Repair Club "On Tour". At that time I had never been to church, my parents were not Christian, (and I didn’t have a clue who Goliath was!)

My mother received Christ days before she died, my father walks with the Lord now, and today I pastor a small church where over 100 children have come to know Christ in the past 10 years. My earliest Christian memory is still stomping my feet singing, “Goliath! Thump thump!”. Recently I challenged my congregation to write to people who in their past had an influence in their knowing Christ. While we’ve never met, I wanted you to know that you were an early influence that made the Bible and Christ seem less scary. It was one of many pieces that God used to expose a heart needing filling.

I’m sure your ministry has an idea of how many children you’ve led to salvation, but as a pastor I know all too well that the little influences we may make usually fall through the cracks and are forgotten. I just wanted to share one of those little influences that God conjoined with many others, and to thank you for your contribution to the Kingdom and to my life personally.

Pastor Kris Browning


The slideshow below contains some scenes from a live Donut Man concert !

What is the content of a basic, Donut Man concert event? Let Rob Evans, The Donut Man share his approach...

All 'Donut Man' concerts lead up to 'Repairing a donut'... an edible object-lesson on how God fills that 'empty part' of our heart with His love! That said, I offer many different types of concerts. A concert for only young children gets younger songs! "God takes care of me", is a theme found on our "Shout Hosanna" CD . Older children can follow the themes found on our "Songs That Teach, Songs That Praise" CD series... such as the theme, 'God is our King', found on the "King of Kings" CD. All of my concerts involve hand-motions, physical activity, call and response, audience participation, colorful costumes, kids' choirs, even a talking donut named 'Duncan'. (See our 'On Tour' video for the look and feel of it...) Running right along-side of all of this fun are the following songs and underlying ministry goals and themes:

The most common concert I offer is an outreach concert for the whole family and to the community. I like presenting a broad theme such as, 'God Loves Us'. From the slide-show you can see that my backdrop has a big Noah's ark scene with "The Donut Repair Club" as the center-piece. I weave those two word-pictures into the concert as follows:

Song 1: Clip 1: "In The Beginning"

Theme 1: God made everything, and us during the six days of creation in a very good way. On the seventh day, God rested. Jesus Christ restores us to the Sabbath rest found only in God.

Song 2: Clip 11: "I Praise You With My Hands"

Theme 2: We praise God freely, with our hands, voices, feet, arms, and our hearts. We are returning the gift of praise to him with the hands that He made. Profound truth? It is in praise and adoration that we re-enter the Sabbath rest of God.

Song 3: Clip 6: "If You're Thirsty"

Theme 3: The woman at the well was thirsty, empty, Each line has hand-motions. The 'water from heaven' is the Holy Spirit that fills the empty spot in our hearts. It is sent as the fruit of Jesus' sacrifice for us upon the Cross...

Song 4: Clip 7: "Jumping Up and Down, Shout Hosanna"

Theme 4: Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey while the children waved their palm branches. He then died on the cross to take away our sins. Jesus is alive, Shout Hosanna!

Song 5: Clip 6: "The Bath Song"

Theme 5: Jesus washes away our sins, and gives us a brand, new start. A 'Call and Response' type song with hand-motions for the youngest children.

Song 6: Clip 2: "Noah and the Animals"

Theme 6: The story of Noah's Ark can be applied many ways... We are care-takers, just like Noah was. Also, I Peter 3: 20 -21 says that Noah is a type for our baptism into Christ, and the promise that we have in Him.

Song 7: Duncan's Song: Clip 4: "I Wanna Be Great"

Theme 7: Duncan doesn't want to clean his room or be a helper. We remind him of the words of Christ who says, "If you want to be great, you've got to be the servant of all"

Song 8: Clip 8: "The Donut Song"

Theme 8: I break a donut into pieces in order to 'repair' the hole in another donut. I present the gospel and say, "They nailed his hands, his feet, and pierced his side". It is sober and memorable way to present the crucifixion, using an object-lesson to which everyone can relate. This has been my theme-song for thirty years.

Song 9: Clip 17: "Hi Ya Hi Ya" (Cast Your Burden)

Theme 9: This is usually our finale, bringing lots of kids up on the stage for the hand-motions... Lift Jesus 'Hi Ya HiYa' with your hands, Lowa Lowa, stomp the devil 'lowa' your feet.

Donut Man concert at Springfield Hall, Chelmsford Essex, UK