I have some ideas and suggestions for you if this is your first time on my website. But first let me say that my earliest, happiest, memories are listening to music with my Mom and Dad. Their ‘Big Band’ music blasted out of our beloved Hi-Fi, followed later by The Beach Boys and the Beatles, Peter, Paul and Mary. Of course, as I got older, I learned how to play guitar and write songs in the many different styles I grew up with. When I became a Dad, I started writing for my kids, combining my love for Scripture to my ‘first-person’ style of storytelling; a style that invites children to sing and imagine from within the shoes of the main characters: “Daniel in the Lion’s Den” sung by the lion with scary music, (and you are the lion), the parable of the “Mustard Seed” sung by the Mustard Seed with simple, predictable melody, the lady with her “Lost Coin”, sung with Irish feel, the little boy who gave his “One Basket” lunch to Jesus sounds like a circus-celebration at Disneyland. For my children, every night was a new song for ‘tuck-in time’. My theme song, “Life without Jesus is like a donut, ‘Cause there’s a hole in the middle of your heart”, refers to that ‘hole’ in me that was filled when I was nineteen, when I met Jesus Christ.

That said, here are some of my favorite songs and videos, and the combinations I would suggest, as you consider purchasing my stuff.

DVD's: First of all, if you don't have any of my DVD's and you don't know where to start, buy them chronologically, that is, the first one we made first and the second one second, etc. etc. That would be as follows:

Good first videos: "Donut Hole 1 & 2", introduces the Donut Repair Club, Donut Man and Duncan. Then "On Tour/ Resurrection Celebration".These two video titles are loved by kids who love physical action; Running songs, clapping songs, hand-motions, etc.

Pre-schoolers, young elementary kids love the videos with the animals on them... "Barnyard Fun" and "At the Zoo".

Rowdy little boys like the baseball video, "The Donut All-Stars" and the construction theme, "Donut Repair Shop"

Rowdy little girls love the camping video with the theme of friendship, "Camp Harmony". They also love the video built around a cooking and helping theme that takes place in a restaurant, "Celebration House". (We open it to feed the poor.)

CD's: Applying the 'chronological rule'. asking, "What are the first recordings I ever made", you would want to look at the bottom of our CD page, at 'Donut Man Originals'; ie. "Bible Parables", "Bible Friends", "Bible Tails", "Shout Hosanna", and "Look to the Ant".

"Songs That Teach, Songs That Praise" all focus on knowing and praising God in a specific, Bible-based personal way, with most titles speaking for themselves: God is our king in "King of Kings", Father: in "Praise Him"; Our teacher in "Follow the Leader", our Creator in "Wonderfully Made", a soldier in "God's Army"; Evangelist in "Good News"; Servant in "I'm a Helper", "Good Shepherd", "Master Builder", "LifeSaver", "LoveLetter", "The Farmer", and finally 'jealously guarding our love', in "With All My Heart".

"Bible Songs 1 & 2" are great scripture-songs, and "Paul in a Basket" is our musical all about the life of the great Apostle.

Of course, Duncan the singing puppet is a great gift that goes along with all of our DVD's, since Duncan plays a prominant part in all of our stories.


Rob Evans,