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 Official DonutForget Sunday School/VBS Curriculum including 52 Songs and Lessons.

Donut Forget Curriculum Application Suggestions

Dear Teacher,I wrote the following songs for the "Donut Forget" curriculum. You can listen to them right now using ReaPlayer. I've placed the songs in their subject categories. Sometimes you need songs for special situations, like praise and worship, high-energy music, character studies, quiet times etc. Some songs have multi-uses and several applications, and will end up under several categories. These songs may also serve you as resources to other curriculum you are using. The following lists group the songs for your quick reference. I hope it helps you do your important job of reaching the kids for Christ! Rob Evans, The Donut Man
Donut Forget Songs About Bible Characters:

Daniel ; Daniel & the Lions
Jesus: (See below)
Moses: The Horse and Its' Rider;
Paul: My Name is Paul
Paul and Silas: Earthquake;
Peter at Pentecost: They Had to Wait
Peter at Pentecost: More and More People;
Samuel : Speak, Lord, I'm Listening (Samuel's Song)

Donut Forget Songs About The Life of Jesus; Great Lessons He Taught:

His Birth: No Room in the Inn
His Crucifixion: I Want You to Remember
His Crucifixion and Resurrection: Jesus Showed Us God's Love
Faith: Become As A Child
Good Samaritan: Good Samaritan
The Golden Rule: The Golden Rule
Healing the 10 Lepers: Don't Forget to Say Thanks!
He Stops the Storm: What Kind of Man is This?
Heaven: I'm Going to Prepare A Place
His Many Miracles: The Miracle Song
James and John's Argument: I Wanna Be Great
New Commandment: This is My Command
Feeds the 5000: One Basket
His Resurrection: Jumping Up and Down
Thomas and the Resurrection: I've Got No Doubt
Woman at the Well: If You're Thirsty
Zaccheus: Zaccheus

Donut Forget Character-Building Songs :

Confession/ Reconciliation: If We Confess Our Sins: (I John 1:9); Party For The Prodigal: (The Prodigal Son)
Evangelize: Good News, Go Everywhere in the World: (Mark 16:15,20); My Name is Paul: (2 Corinthians 12:10); More and More People: (Acts 6: 1), The Donut Song
Faith: The Miracle Song; I Want You to Remember; I've Got No Doubt; Up in The Clouds, Tell Me John, Become As A Child; If You're Thirsty;
Forgiveness/Reconciliation: Jesus Showed Us God's Love; The Bath Song; Party For The Prodigal :; The Donut Song
Giving/Sharing: One Basket; Zaccheus;
Love: The Golden Rule: This is My Command; Become As A Child; God Lives in Us;
Obedience: Josiah, I Like The Bible; This is My Command;
Pentecost / Holy Spirit: They Had to Wait: More and More People: (Acts 6: 1);
Prayer: Daniel & the Lions; The Lord Listens When I Pray to Him: (Psalm 4:3);
Sacrifice: I Want You to Remember: (I Corinthians 15:1, 3, 4)
Service: Samuel's Song, Be A Helper, Do What is Good: (I Corinthians 10:24), I Wanna Be Great, Good Samaritan, Never Become Tired of Doing Good: (2 Thessalonians 3:13),
Thanksgiving: Don't Forget to Say Thanks!
Creation and the Creator: In The Beginning, I'm So Wonderfully Made, Skip & Sing & Dance, Aha! Lelujah

Donut Forget Energy-burners and Fun-Songs!
Marching: Skip & Sing & Dance, I Like The Bible, Happy Birthday Jesus!
Dance & Clap: The Horse and Its' Rider
Animal sounds: Never Become Tired of Doing Good
Call and Response: Aha! Lelujah
Rock and Roll: Earthquake
Jumping Up and Down: Jumping Up and Down Shout Hosanna!
Storm Sound-Effects: What Kind of Man is This?
Call and Response with Hand-motions: The Bath Song
Object lesson: The Donut Song
Pre-school hand-motions: I'm So Wonderfully Made
Country music/Square-dancing: Live A Pure Life:

Donut Forget Praise, Worship and Thanksgiving:
Skip & Sing & Dance; With All My Heart:
Aha! Lelujah; Only One; God Is Great
Tender: How Great You Are; You Are My Friend;

Donut Forget Scripture-Memory Songs:
Genesis 1: 1: In The Beginning
Exodus 15:21: The Horse and Its' Rider
Psalm 4:3, The Lord Listens When I Pray to Him
Psalm 119:9-11: Live A Pure Life:
Psalm 139:13: I Praise You Lord With The Hands You Made
Matthew 7:12: The Golden Rule
Mark 16:15, 20: Go Everywhere in the World
Luke 2:1 1: Today a Savior is Born in Davids' Town
I Corinthians 15:1, 3, 4-. I Want You to Remember
I Thessalonians 4:17: Up in The Clouds
2 Thessalonians 3:13: Never Become Tired of Doing Good:
I John 1:9: If We Confess Our Sins
I John 4:12: God Lives in Us

Donut Forget Songs For Special Occasions:

Christmas: The Best Present of All, Happy Birthday Jesus! No Room in the Inn, Today a Savior is Born in Davids' Town
Easter: Jumping Up and Down Shout Hosanna!, Jesus Showed Us God's Love, I Want You to Remember ; I'm Going to Prepare A Place;

I've Got No Doubt

Funeral/Heaven: Up in The Clouds;- I'm Going to Prepare A Place, Tell Me John