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"Don't forget what?", you might ask...

Unforgetable Song-based Bible Curriculum:  Your kids will go donuts!
(Click and sample some of the song highlights below using RealAudio.)

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 52 Songs and Lessons:

All On Two Split-track CD's and One CD-Rom:

plus... two bonus coloring books & a Duncan puppet

Non-dated, character-based and seasonal themes

for use by Christian children's educators.

All for $39.95

This unforgettable curriculum from Standard Publishing and Integrity
Music's "Just-For-Kids" features 52 songs from The Donut Man integrated
into 52 Bible lessons for kids 4 - 10.

Teachers are raving about the convenience of this cd-rom based
guide and songbook system.

Use your computer to access the Adobe pdf files and print out all the
copies you need for your teachers and kids.

Children in your class will love making their own rhythm instruments, participating
in fun new Bible story activities, singing memory verses, and putting their faith into
action by doing special projects in your church and/or community. The music of
The Donut Man will have kids moving, shaking, clapping and learning about
God's love.

At the risk of overstating the obvious; 'DonutForget' means, 'Don't Forget'.
"Don't forget what?", you might ask...

Each unit focuses on a different Christian discipline that is essential in
living a victorious Christian life:

> Don't Forget : Worship, Obedience, Prayer, To Celebrate Jesus, To Help
Others, Doing Good, Believing in Jesus, Evangelism, Being Heavenly-minded,
Being Friendly, And to Forgive and Love Others.

It includes:

A Teacher's Guide on CD-Rom with 52 lessons: (13 Units of 4 Lessons) of active learning and fun for young children. Each unit has a total of four songs. (Click and sample some of the song highlights below using RealAudio.)

Unit 1: Donut Forget to Worship God; In The Beginning; I Praise You Lord With The Hands You Made  

Unit 2: Donut Forget to Obey the Bible; Live A Pure Life

Unit 3: Donut Forget to Pray to God; The Lord Listens When I Pray to Him; The Horse and Its' Rider

Unit 4: Donut Forget to Celebrate Jesus' Birth; Today a Savior is Born in Davids' Town; No Room in the Inn

Unit 5: Donut Forget to Help Others; Do What is Good

Unit 6: Donut Forget to Do Good; The Golden Rule; Never Become Tired of Doing Good

Unit 7: Donut Forget to Believe Who Jesus Is; What Kind of Man is This?; The Miracle Song; One Basket

Unit 8: Donut Forget to Believe the Good News; I Want You to Remember; I've Got No Doubt

Unit 9: Donut Forget to Tell the Good News; Go Everywhere in the World; My Name is Paul

Unit 10: Donut Forget That We Can Live in Heaven; Up in The Clouds; Tell Me John

Unit 11: Donut Forget to Be a Friend; This is My Command; If You're Thirsty; You Are My Friend

Unit 12: Donut Forget to Ask God for Forgiveness; If We Confess Our Sins

Unit 13: Donut Forget to Love Each Other; They Had to Wait; More and More People; God Lives in Us

PLUS: A Songbook on CD-Rom with 52 songs for piano and guitar. 2 double-content split-track CD's with all of the songs sung by Rob Evans and Kids A "Duncan" Puppet and 13 interactive scripts on CD-Rom (in the back of the songbook.)