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Donutman Originals: Look to the Ant ( CD Plus ) - CD

Donutman Originals: Look to the Ant ( CD Plus )

"Look to the Ant" is the fifth of five original albums by Rob Evans, the Donutman.
Scripture-based story-songs are delightful for the entire family; for car-trips, home-schoolers, and children of all ages who enjoy the word of God put in a musical form that is unforgettable.
This CD plus album has split tracks and a bonus 35+ page picture/songbook in Adobe Acrobat Reader file format with coloring pages, words, notes and chords.. See "Donut Fun and Games" for a free download of the types of coloring pictures we're offering here.

Price: $12.95

Track Listing and Audio Samples:

  1. Barnyard Praise
  2. Wicked King Herod
  3. With All My Heart
  4. Ruth And Her Basket
  5. Look To The Ant
  6. God Knows About Everything
  7. The Donut Man, Explained
  8. My Name Is Joseph
  9. We're The Men Of Korah
  10. The Bitter Water Was At Marah
  11. The Song Of The Eagle