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King of Kings ( CD Plus ) :

King of Kings ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"

This CD Plus product features Stereo and Split Tracks as well as Sheet Music. By turning the balance knob, on our stereo, or using your mixer in church, you can tune out the words, and turn up the music for your own sing along performance. These split-tracks are created for you by special order.

Price: $14.95

Track Listing and Audio Samples:

  1. We are the Children of the King
  2. His Banner Over Me
  3. Joy is the Flag
  4. The Joy of the Lord
  5. Clap Your Hands
  6. He is the King of Kings
  7. Shout Hosanna
  8. Goliath
  9. I Can Do All Things
  10. Come Into the Holy of Holies
  11. Mighty is Our God
  12. Great and Mighty is He
  13. The Centurion's Secret
  14. Be Bold and Be Strong
  15. As David Did
  16. Wicked King Herod
  17. The Children Cry Hosanna
  18. Hosanna (Jumping Up and Down)
  19. Hail to the King