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Good Shepherd:

Good Shepherd: "Just For Kids"

Rob Evans, The Donut Man, and a group of lovable youngsters get together to praise the Lord and learn about His ways. Come join in with favorite praise and worship choruses, best-loved Sunday School songs, and brand-new Just-For-Kids songs.

Price: $9.95

Track Listing and Audio Samples:

  1. He's Watching Over Me
  2. Rejoice in the Lord
  3. I Was Glad
  4. The Lord is my Shepherd
  5. The Lost Sheep
  6. Little Lambs (Abba, Abba)
  7. I'm Happy When I Praise the Lord
  8. Skip Behind the Shepherd
  9. David and Goliath
  10. Great is Your Love
  11. Don't Be Afraid
  12. Scripture Memory Verse
  13. The Shepherd's Harp
  14. He Never Sleeps