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Donut Forget Bible Songs - Volume 1 - Scripture Songs
Donut Forget Bible Songs - Volume 2 - Scripture Songs
King of Kings: "Just For Kids"
Praise Him: "Just For Kids"
Follow the Leader: "Just For Kids"
Wonderfully Made: "Just For Kids"
Good News: "Just For Kids"
God's Army: "Just For Kids"
I'm A Helper: "Just For Kids"
Good Shepherd: "Just For Kids"
Master Builder: "Just For Kids"
Life Saver: "Just For Kids"
Love Letter: "Just For Kids"
The Farmer: "Just For Kids"
With All My Heart: "Just For Kids"
Donut Hole 1: Musical
Donut Hole 2: Musical
"Paul in a Basket" CD: Musical Adventure For Kids:
Angels to the Rescue
Friends Forever
When God Spoke
Massterpiece Donut Shop

CD Plus (with Split Tracks)

Christmas: Best Present of All ( CD Plus ) + Script + Best Present Sheet Music
King of Kings ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
Praise Him ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
Follow the Leader ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
Wonderfully Made ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
Good News ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
God's Army ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
I'm A Helper ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
Good Shepherd ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
Master Builder ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
Life Saver ( CD Plus ): "Just For Kids"
Love Letter ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
The Farmer ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
With All My Heart ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
Donutman Originals: Bible Parables ( CD Plus )
Donutman Originals: Bible Friends ( CD Plus )
Donutman Originals: Bible Tails ( CD Plus )
Donutman Originals: Shout Hosanna ( CD Plus )
Donutman Originals: Look to the Ant ( CD Plus )
Resurrection Celebration ( CD Plus ) Stereo, Split track, sheet music & Script
"Paul in a Basket" CD-Plus: Musical Adventure For Kids