Paul in Basket: A Live Musical for Children - DVD

Paul in Basket: A Live Musical for Children

The Donut Man and Duncan visit "Guardian Angels School" to present a musical about their favorite apostle, Paul. This great Saints' letters and adventures inspire songs, acting and narration that make his life even more unforgettable. The laughter, the music and scripture will give children and families who watch this DVD so many goose-bumps, they may end up performing it for their own church!

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  1. "Paul in a Basket" Sampler

Paul in a Basket: A Live Musical for Children

Pictured is a live-scene from Paul's shipwreck... the "lightning" strikes and the "stormy-seas" splash on our actors in their Bible-era costumes. New songs, like "My Name is Paul", "Shipwreck", "I Want You to Remember" and I Cor. 13: "The Greatest of These is Love", are added to old favorite 'Donut Man' songs like, "Ananias, Don't Be Late", "A New Creation", "Paul in a Basket", "I Can Do All Things", "Earthquake", and "The Fruit of the Spirit". For over twenty-five years, parents and educators have appreciated the way that Rob Evans combines sing-able songs with Bible-based stories. The tradition continues here, but with a little less polish and a lot more passion! Here are real kids in a real gymnasium from a real school doing their very best to give glory to God as they offer a tribute to one of His greatest servants: Paul, the great Saint whose life and words inspire us to follow Jesus as he did: with all of our hearts, to the very end. (Check out the CD page where you can purchase the CD-plus production version and perform this in your church!)