Camp Harmony And Celebration House - DVD

Camp Harmony And Celebration House

The Donut Repair Club goes to "Camp Harmony" with exciting new adventures and lots of fun. But when Matt doesn't want to cooperate with the buddy system, little Abbi and Duncan find themselves on a rescue mission! They'll sing "The Buddy Song", see first-hand how God is like a potter, and find out about God's wonderful saving love. At this camp we learn how to find peace with God and with one another.

"The Celebration House"is a run-down restaurant that the Donut Repair Club fixes-up to care for the needy. They learn the value of prayer, praise, obedience and team-work as they turn mishap and mayhem into the joyful opening of the re-furbished community center.

Price: $12.95

Video Clips:

  1. "Camp Harmony" Sampler
  2. "Celebration House" Sampler

One DVD, Two Stories

This DVD is a combination of two formerly VHS products. A description of each film now follows:

Camp Harmony

Friendship with God creates friendship with others. Matt is 'at-odds' with everyone at camp until his heart finds rest in Jesus, in all places, during Arts and Crafts; at the potter's wheel. Songs include: "Only One", "The Buddy Song", "Skip Behind the Shepherd", "Love and Obey", "Wonderful, Saving Love", "Jeremiah at the Potter's Wheel", "Daniel and the Lions", "He Never Sleeps"

The Celebration House

The Donut Man's grandparents wouldn't recognize their old restaurant in decay. On a mission to rescue the old place as they reach out to the poor and needy, they need God's help and God's word to transform them, so they can transform the neighborhood. Songs include: "This Is The Day", "Sing a Song of Joy", "I'm Glad I Live in a House", "Silly Joshua", "Be A Servant of All", "Mary, Martha and Jesus", "Follow the Directions", "I Want to Be a Helper"