Barnyard Fun And On The Air  - DVD

Barnyard Fun And On The Air

While visiting a farm, The Donut Repair Club has to take over when the real farmer, Uncle Jim, hurts his leg. When he comes back, will the farm be fruitful? This scenario serves to teach children aboutlooking forward to Christ's return, and the importance of being ready to present Him with the fruit of the Spirit in our lives.

"On The Air" is broadcast 'live' around the world as we share God's love, singing, "Jesus Loves Me" in five languages! Duncan tries to "star" again by singing "Become As A Child", but is upstaged by his cousins, "The Donut Babies". After the kingdoms of light and darkness are contrasted in dramatic form, Duncan begins to understand that Jesus is the one and only genuine Star!

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Video Clips:

  1. "Barnyard Fun" Sampler
  2. "On The Air" Sampler

One DVD, Two Stories

This DVD is a combination of two formerly VHS products. A description of each film now follows:

Barnyard Fun

The Donut Man, Duncan and the Donut Repair Club arrive at Uncle Jim's farm just after he hurts his leg! They are suddenly farmers! (With comic consequences!) Learn along with the kids about: stewardship, accountability, the Fruit of the Spirit, and how the promised return of Christ is like Farmer Jim who returns to find the farm in good shape, and growing much good fruit. Celebrate a job "well done". Songs include, "God Makes Things Grow", "God Knows About Everything", "Stomp on a Pearl", "I'm Happy When I Praise the Lord", "The Sower", "The Fruit of the Spirit".

On The Air

The Donut Man, Duncan and the Donut Repair Club broadcast the love of God world-wide! Songs include, "Welcome to the Family", "Become As A Child", "Yes, Jesus Loves Me" (In five languages!) "The Unclean Spirit", "Spirit of Power and Love", "Oh, I Love Him", "Clap Your Hands".